“We are a group of young and passionate people who see the world from a different angle. We are diverse in thoughts & creativity. Talents and Thoughts are always free to flourish and inspire those around us as we strive to redefine the word RADICAL”

Radicalz (PVT) LTD was established in September 2012 by a group of young and passionate individuals. With the vision of “Revolutionizing Digital Media”, Radicalz has grown leaps and bounds. Radicalz has been working with 30 major clients, both locally & internationally. Radicalz has three main operational brands, Radicalz Video Productions, Che Studio Photography & Z-Factory for branding & marketing solutions.


Here are some of our work.

Video Production and Animation

In today’s on-demand and High Definition world, our video production services go beyond what television commercials and the ordinary internet can do. More and more businesses are utilizing video production services to create webmercials, online marketing content, social media optimization, promotional videos, corporate videos, corporate training, live webcasting & streaming and more. These forms of creative media enable businesses to expand their market reach and increase sales by embracing new trends in technology. Your company can do the same with Radicalz Video Productions and our video marketing solutions.

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Che studio is the photography arm of Radicalz. We give birth to new concepts and visualize them through the third eye. These projections from the third eye will cast your subject in a new light, attracting people to your brand & company. Che studio offers a wide range of photography, including event photography to leave you with lasting memories, and concept photo-shoots for products and venues to suit your promotional & PR needs. Chestudio My Wedding Studio


We are grateful to have all of you with us!
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"I have worked with Radicalz since the year 2013 and am very pleased and impressed with the level of professionalism showed by the team during our event, Chokolaate MDFD 2013! It is nedded impressive to see such a hard working group of young inividuals show such a capacity of knowledge and experience and it was very much a pleasure to work with Radicalz last year and we are looking forward to working with them this year as well!"

- Michelle Gunesekara, Editor, Chokolaate Magazine

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"At Great Place to Work, we are very specific about the content that we put into our advertisement as we are in early stages of brand building in Sri Lanka. Therefore it was important for us to partner with an organization that understood our needs. Radicalz has been able to convert our needs into creative designs for the past few months. And what we really appreciate is how flexible, diligent and punctual Ravi and his team have been in meeting their deliverables."

- Kshanika Rethnayaka, CEO, Great Place to Work Institute - Sri Lanka

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"We have worked closely with Radicalz team in developing our promotional tools, being an organisation that drives new concepts in the sustainable development sector, the new ideas brought in by the Radicalz team and their flexibility in delivery has made them one of our preffered Partners"

- Damitha Samarakoon, Engineer - Energy Solutions, Janathakshan (Gte) Ltd.

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"We at LAUGFS always look for design agencieas who are creative, talented & easy to work with. Radicalz has demonstrated not only creativeness, but also the time taken to complete a given job, giving us an indication of the skills & capability of the Radicalz creative team! I am happy to say that Radicalz has done a great job for us so far."

- Nileshika Wijenaike, Senior Assistant Brand Manager, Laugfs Lubricants Ltd.

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"It has been Linea Aqua's pleasure to work with this truly inspirational agency for approximately 2 years and counting. There is nothing better than collaborating with a team whose creativity knows no bounds and fruitful relationship can be seen in the work we've completed together. Radicalz immerse themselves in, and understand, any brief they are given and consistently surpass your expectations, always delivering results better than you could have imagined. Linea Aqua is delighted to have had such a successful partnership with them and we truly believe that they have the capability to go even further in terms of ingenuity and creativity."

- The Linea Aqua Team

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"The Radicalz team has really impressed us with their creativity and the high qaulity design they have provided for us. We can always count on them to have our projects completed on time and with great care. We highly recommend Radicalz's services to other businesses in need of creative media solutions!"

- Mr.Imran Furkan, Executive Director, SLASSCOM


Come on, we've told you all about us. Now let's hear from you!
  • RADICALZ (PVT) LTD, 8/23,
    Sri Siddhartha Road,
    Colombo 05.
  • Phone: 0777 890 778
  • Email: info@radicalz.lk